Smart televisions dominate 2013 CES

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Smart televisions of the future on show in Las Vegas

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) gets underway in Las Vegas today, with many of the most exciting technological advances so far relating to smart televisions.

Samsung is currently the market leaders for smart TV sets, and the company is looking to cement this position by unveiling several new products and ideas at the show. Several of these announcements relate to making their smart televisions more user-friendly, with many people still unaware of how the advanced TV sets work.

Samsung is hoping to use the high profile setting of CES to demonstrate how surfing the internet through a television set and downloading programmes instantly can change a user's television experience forever. It is also a good opportunity for Samsung to make positive announcements, away from the shadow of the Apple patent dispute.

The South Korean electronics firm announced they will be demonstrating an ultra-high definition TV set, with a highly impressive screen size of 110 inches. Rival company Sharp is also offering an extremely large set, measuring 90 inches.

Further smart products on offer

While the main focus of the show has initially been on televisions, a number of other products have also been displayed. Many of these relate to the kitchen, including an oven which can cook two items at two different temperatures, and a smart fork which issues a warning if the user is eating too fast.

Much more is expected to come from CES as the week progresses, with many more announcements and products expected to have a significant impact on 2013 and beyond.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword remarked: "CES has seen many important announcements and new products over the years, and I would expect this year to be no different. Smartphones have become immensely popular recently, now it looks likely that smart televisions will enjoy a similar boost in popularity."