Skype researching 3D technology

3D phone home

Speaking to the BBC on the company's ten year anniversary, Mark Gillett, Skype's corporate vice-president, has revealed that 3D technology is on the way for the video calling service.

There had been speculation that Skype would take this step several months ago, when a job advertisement was posted for an individual who could create body doubles for meetings. With Gillett confirming these rumours, the conversation will now turn to the potential benefits of 3D calls for users.

Just as when Skype partnered with Facebook in 2011, a surge in uptake is expected once this new feature has been introduced. With a clearer picture and a more lifelike image available, more families may be tempted to contact loved ones in this manner, as well as the aforementioned 'body doubles' at business meetings.

A 3D future?

The popularity of 3D technology has so far been mixed, with ESPN recently forced to close a 3D sports channel due to the lack of interest and the percentage of viewers in the United Kingdom with a 3D television remaining extremely low. However, 3D films have enjoyed far greater success, and many experts believe that the ability to see a 3D image of a user during a phone conversation is a tempting prospect. While 3D has not yet become mainstream, a widely available service such as Skype offering this opportunity could be the push needed to take the technology to the next level.

Kleon West, business development director at theEword remarked: "With the public seemingly still undecided on 3D technology, this may seem like a bold move from Skype. However, the company has enjoyed real success over the last ten years, and innovations such as this show that the individuals at the top of the business are determined to evolve and continue to succeed."