One Pass to rule them all

By Rachel Hand topicIcon Internet News

Google One Pass

Google One Pass, a digital content subscription service, was unveiled by departing CEO Eric Schmidt at Humboldt University in Berlin yesterday. With benefits including flexible usage rules and a low ten per cent commission charge, One Pass hopes to make life easier for publishers and readers alike.

One Pass will offer readers the chance to sign on and read their chosen digital content across websites and mobile devices. When it comes to payment, the publisher gains greater control over the price and distribution of their content, including the opportunity to offer discounts, 'freemium' content or one-off purchases.

In an official blog post, Google's Lee Shirani said: "Our goal is to provide an open and flexible platform that furthers our commitment to support publishers, journalism and access to quality content."

Apple rival

The move comes hot on the heels of Apple's decision to charge 30 per cent commission from subscriptions. Apple CEO Steve Jobs clarified: "Our philosophy is simple