New iPad heat concerns

By Rachel Hand topicIcon Internet News

Selling like hot iPads

Tests have revealed that Apple's new iPad runs at a considerably higher temperature than previous models.

Research conducted by Dutch tech site using a thermal imaging camera revealed that after running for five minutes, the new iPad reached 33.6˚c. That's more than 5˚c warmer than the iPad 2 which was also tested, and is in fact warmer than normal skin temperature. US watchdog Consumer Reports then conducted its own investigation, and found that processor-intensive usage such as gaming while the device is plugged in can cause it to reach up to 116F (47˚c). However, despite this alarming figure, the consumers testing the device said the new iPad was "warm but not especially uncomfortable".

Apple announced on Monday that over 3 million new iPads had been sold worldwide since the product launched on Friday 16 March; UK retailers were out of stock long beforehand. In response to the overheating concerns, Apple released a statement saying the device is "well within our thermal specifications".

Overheating iPod nano recall

This is not the first time the heat of Apple devices has been cause for concern. Late last year, the 1st generation iPod nano was recalled after reports of the device overheating and posing a "safety risk". Owners of the six-year-old device were given a brand new iPod to make up for the fault, costing the company millions.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword, said: "With its high speed A5X processor and Retina display, it's no wonder the new iPad tends to get a bit warmer than its predecessors. However, the tests where it reached 47˚c are concerning, and if this ever becomes a safety issue - which it could well do as the devices get older - then Apple might face some serious problems."