Instagram changes anger users

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Users protest changes to Instagram

Social media has reacted angrily to recent changes to Instagram, with a number of users threatening to stop using the photo sharing service.

Last week saw the removal of Twitter integration for photos, forcing people to click a link to view the image instead of it automatically appearing below the tweeted message.

However, the main source of anger came from the new terms of service which users are forced to accept if they are to continue using the service. The point which caused most protest was in the section titled 'rights', stating: "you agree that a business may pay us to display your [personal details] and/or actions you take... without any compensation to you."

Many users of Twitter have reposted this statement, along with messages indicating they were closing their accounts. Reddit users have also discussed these changes, with many posts critical of the company and blaming the Instagram partnership with Facebook for the unpopular revisions to the website.

A selection of comments made by users included "Goodbye Instagram", "oh well, it's been fun" and "If you aren't paying for a service, you're the product."

Latest online privacy dispute

The Instagram rebellion is just the latest example of a social media website's privacy policy being questioned, with numerous Facebook members protesting the way their information and photos are used. An image posted on Facebook can be used by the company as part of their advertising without the user's knowledge and without any financial reward.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword commented: "People are becoming more aware of the way their details are used, meaning companies looking to monetise their users through adverts will have to become increasingly careful about their actions. While Instagram has so many users that it is unlikely this will damage them too badly, they will certainly have to carefully consider any future changes to the product."