HP to make one last batch of tablets

The discontinued TouchPad

HP is set to bring out one last batch of its TouchPad as the discontinued tablet has received a last-minute peak in popularity.

Hewlett Packard Co recently decided to terminate the production of its TouchPad as it was not selling well. HP cut the retail price of the TouchPad from £400 to £100 in order to shift its stock. This reduction has resulted in the device rising in popularity and completely selling out.

The peak in sales has led HP to the decision that it will release one last batch of TouchPads. This news comes just one week after the company revealed that it will not continue within the tablet market as it cannot contend with its larger competitors. However the speedy disappearance of the cut price tablets has resulted in HP rethinking this decision.

Mark Budgell, part of the PR team at HP, stated: "Despite announcing an end to manufacturing webOS hardware, we have decided to produce one last run of TouchPads to meet unfulfilled demand." He also gave a reason for this adjustment: "Since we announced the price drop, the number of inquiries about the product and the speed at which it disappeared from inventory has been stunning."

A significant loss

While HP announced that it will provide one last batch of its TouchPad, it will be doing so at a loss. As the 32GB tablet costs around $318 (£195.47) to produce, the reduced sale price of £100 means that HP will not be profiting from its continuation of the TouchPad.

Mark Baker, online marketing manager at theEword stated: "People were only purchasing the Touchpad following its reduction in price. Companies must market products based on an understanding of consumers' needs and finances in order to gain popularity as well as profit."