Hacked PlayStation Network data worries users

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Hacked off

It has now been explained why Sony's PlayStation Network was closed down over the last week, and unfortunately for some, it wasn't just done for a refresh.

Millions of PlayStation gamers, who were locked out for a week, have been warned their personal information, including credit card details, may have been stolen. There are three million users in Britain (70 million worldwide) and members are required to submit credit card and personal details to use it.

The company said it has no direct evidence that credit card information was taken, but admitted: "We cannot rule out the possibility".

Sony said it discovered that between April 17 and 19, there was an "illegal and unauthorised" intrusion of its network. Log-in details and email addresses are also thought to have been taken by the hackers.

Sony oh so sorry

PlayStation Network posted an apology to users through the Sony website saying it would email those who are suspected to be victims of the hacking. It said: "We don't have an exact date to share at this moment as to when we will have the services turned on. We are as upset as you are regarding this attack and are going to proceed aggressively to track down those that are responsible."

However, it took Sony five days to level with its customers about what really happened. Until now, the company acknowledged the shutdown but offered no explanation and said PSN would be back up and running in a "day or two."

The full extent of the issue wasn't revealed until after the company unveiled its latest tablet device. Sony intends to use PlayStation games to encourage consumers to buy its first tablet computers, which the company will release later this year to compete against the Apple iPad.