Google to open a London startup centre

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A government-initiated technology centre

Google is set to open a technology community centre as part of a government scheme to create a Tech City in London.

Last year, the prime minister revealed his plans for a Tech City to be built in the East End of London. He also stated that there would be £400 million of government funding given to the future Silicon Valley rival, and it would be backed by internet and technology giants including Google, BT, Cisco and Facebook.

As part of this government initiative, Google will soon start work on refurbishing a seven-storey Bonhill Street office that will act as the hub of Tech City. David Singleton, the UK engineering director at Google, stated: "Finding a suitable building is the first major step, and we hope to announce more details about the organisations we'll work with and how they will use the space in the coming months." There will be a significant Google presence within the space that is purposefully designed to give training workshops and seminars to growing internet companies.

Dan Nolan, general manager at theEword, said: "Creating a space where startup companies can learn from seasoned technology professionals will allow new businesses with promising ideas to grow and develop."

Who won't be joining in?

While many companies will become part of the government-run Tech City, Twitter has opted out of any involvement. The social networking company has instead announced that its first European office will be in Dublin. While Tech City will be missing out on this internet giant, it is expected that many more companies will follow Google's lead and choose to become a part of this technology hub.