Google to focus on big bets in the future

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Forward-thinking projects

Co-founder and chief executive Larry Page had his sights set firmly on the future of Google as he concentrated on product innovation and upcoming projects during a recent Q1 earnings report.

Page made it clear that his aim as CEO is to look ahead and initiate ambitious, experimental new projects and instigate the advancement in existing products. During the earnings call, he said: "Companies tend to get comfortable doing what they've always done, with only a few minor tweaks. It's only natural to work on the things you know."

To steer clear of stagnation, he wants current big bets like Chrome, YouTube and Android to be a primary focus for Google and undergo continual improvement in the future. The forward-thinking company has also been concentrating on a number of new gambles. Google Fiber is being pushed to provide users with high-speed internet connection, while Google Glass has recently been given to software developers for testing.

What about search?

While Page focused on breakthrough projects in the earnings report, he still seemed confident in the search engine and advertising during the report.

When asked what he thought about mobile and its effect on Google search and advertising revenue, he said that was not "super-concerned" as information still wants to be found. He also predicted that mobile ad rates should improve, which had fallen by 4 percent, with Enhanced Campaigns being a long-term bet to lessen the effect of smaller mobile ad prices.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword, said: "Larry Page's aim is for Google to be seen as a forward-thinking company, coming up with exciting, innovative products that help to drive technology forward. However, he is taking a smart approach by putting measures in place to safeguard the major existing products that are highly profitable to Google."