Google Shopping switches to paid listing ads

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Google Shopping paid-for services

Google Shopping has rolled out its paid-for service in 11 countries, which will result in changes to its product listing ads.

This switchover has already been introduced in the US, where retailers now have to pay for product listing ads. The global transition will see currently free listings in such destinations as the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and France being replaced with paid ads.

For merchandisers to continue promoting their products, they will need to purchase the paid product. If they do not make the switch, they could face seeing their products becoming less visible to consumers.

An improved shopping experience

Google announced that the initiative has been introduced to improve merchants' and consumers' relationship with Google Shopping. Sameer Samat, Vice President of Product Management, said: "We designed this initiative to help shoppers better research purchases, compare different products and their features and prices, and then connect with merchants to make their purchase."

He also suggested that the paid-for service will improve the results that retailers get from Google Shopping. Through providing Google with more data, including product descriptions and pricing, merchants have a greater chance to achieve improved click-through rates and higher conversions.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword, said: "The Google Shopping global transition has a cost for retailers, and it may be negative rather than positive for small companies. Yet, while they may be at risk of being pushed out of the competition, adopting the new service early may allow them to benefit from lower cost per clicks and valuable conversion rate data."