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Google's +1 button will now be available across the web

The Google +1 tool, that it's been trialling on its own site since March 2011, will now allow users to recommend sites across the web.

In a blog post this morning, the search engine announced the introduction of its +1 tool. The function, which has been available on Google itself since March, is now being introduced to third party websites. Previously users were able to press the +1 button directly on Google allowing them to recommend search results and ads to friends. Now, even when on a different site, users can recommend the actual pages they're viewing.

Google has already partnered with key sites including AddThis, Mashable, The Huffington Post and Reuters, and the +1 button will be visible on these sites soon. The +1 button will also be seen on other Google owned sites such as Android Market, Blogger, Product Search and YouTube.

Google as a one stop shop for search

Google's new tool allows users to show their friends and contacts which sites they like. Similar to Facebook's 'Like' button, Google has again shown that it is seeking to offer more social searches, enabling users to recommend content and making search results as relevant as possible.

To see recommendations from friends and contacts in a Google search, users must be signed into their Google Account. For webmasters, Google has set up a +1 webmaster area explaining how to implement the button. If a large volume of users choose to press buttons on specific pages, these pages may then rank higher on their friend's searches.