Google pays for Chrome to be hacked

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Monetary rewards for Chrome exploits

Google are offering a $20,000 (£12,408) prize to hackers who can break their Google Chrome browser. At last year's software hacking competition Pwn2Own, held at the CanSecWest Conference in Vancouver, four web browsers were given to a pool of hackers tasked with finding security flaws, for cash prizes. After the first day, Internet Explorer 8, Safari 4 and Firefox 3 had all fallen, with $10,000 going to the hacker who compromised each. By the end of the conference, despite $10,000 still being on offer, nobody was able to crack Google Chrome. In fact, on day two, no one even attempted to compromise Chrome; the hackers apparently considering its 'sandbox' system too tough.

This year the Pwn2Own organisers had thought including Chrome again would be a futile exercise and subsequently left it out of their original line-up. On discovering this, Google stepped in and offered to sponsor their own entry, putting up the $20,000 prize for anyone who is able to compromise Chrome.