Google maintains dominance of UK search engine market

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Google on top

Statistics released this week show that Google is maintaining an overwhelming dominance over other search engines in the UK.

The information, from data provider Hitwise, reveal that handled 85.55 per cent of internet searches, with the nearest rival, Bing, coming in with just 4.11 per cent. Second place was, with 4.83 per cent, making Google's total share 90.38 per cent. Bing has recently overtaken Yahoo as the second biggest handler of internet searches, with Yahoo now sitting in fourth position with a 2.88 per cent share.

While perhaps not surprising, these statistics compare similarly with the position in February 2010, when Google still held a 90 per cent share over Yahoo, who at the time maintained the second largest UK search engine market share with 5 per cent. Bing, then in relative infancy, sat behind Yahoo, dealing with just 3 per cent of search volume.

Popular search terms

The search engine market share statistics for the US in February 2011 make for slightly more competitive reading. Over there, Google only currently claims 67.62 per cent volume, with Yahoo behind them with 14.59 per cent. Bing falls just behind Yahoo in the US, handling 13.11 per cent of search volume, followed by Ask at 2.58 per cent and AOL at 1.45 per cent.

Returning to the UK, other statistics include figures for the most popular websites (Google UK tops that one as well, with Facebook in second place) as well as some interesting analysis of search terms. Overall search term popularity doesn't hold much interest - usual suspects Facebook, YouTube and eBay dominate - but the 'fast moving' category, which lists terms that have increased at the largest rate over a given period, do provide some insight. 'Katie Price car crash' tops the list for the week ending 19 February 2011, along with other terms relating to the new Radiohead album, King of Limbs, and Lady Gaga's performance at the Brit Awards.