Google launches new Google Tips service

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Google Tips launches

Google has announced the launch of Google Tips, a new section of its website designed to provide users with a range of helpful hints about maximising what they get out of the various services available from Google.

Each of these products has its own individual section on the website, as well as offering users the choice to filter topics by 'on the go', 'at home' and 'at the office'.

Clearly, Google is looking to make this advice as clearly and easy to understand as possible - ensuring that consumers realise the full potential of the services they use on a daily basis.

The full list of Google services for which advice is featured on the website is as follows:

Android Google Chrome Gmail
Google+ Google Calendar Google Docs
Google Drive Google Keep Google Maps

What tips are included?

The incredible variety of the tips included by Google shows the sheer scale of the services they offer, with advice given on everything from creating PowerPoint presentations to keeping fit by turning your mobile device into a pedometer.

Users are presented with rows of small 'cards', each featuring a short tip snippet. If one of these tips captures the imagination, users can click on it to reveal the full guidance from Google - ensuring once more that only users are not bombarded with irrelevant information when browsing this service.

Many of the tips strongly suggest the creation of a Google Account, suggesting that the company is looking to tempt even more users into its 'all-in-one' registrations.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword, commented: "Google Tips looks certain to become a fantastic resource for internet users, allowing them to gain a greater understanding of the many ways Google products can help. With users offered the ability to suggest additional cards to add in the future, the size of this knowledge database will surely grow and grow."