Google Glass on sale in the UK

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Glass for sale in the UK

Google's long awaited Glass is now available for purchase in the United Kingdom, over two years after the search engine first announced the product to the public in 2012.

The glasses are designed to give users an experience of augmented reality, whereby their perception of the world around them is altered by the images on the Google Glass screen.

Among other things, the present version of Glass allows users to see, in the top right corner of their vision, an image and notification when they receive a message from social media or message platforms such as Twitter.

Ivy Ross, the head Google's Glass division told the BBC: "We believe it's really to keep you engaged and present in the moment while having access to those things that are digitally available to you".

Will people take off their Glasses?

When Glass launched for trials in the US, reports had already begun to speculate whether the device could reach consumers.

Now the BBC Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones has worn the technology for six weeks and analysed his experience with the device.

In his analysis Cellan-Jones describes the device as a failure. He says: "I think it lacks the sheer usefulness that would make it a must-have device for the mass market."

In particular Cellan-Jones cites a geeky style, a clunky interface, an underperforming voice recognition, and a lack of decent apps as the main reasons the present iteration of the device is a failure. But he does note the usefulness of its camera and suggests the device could improve in future.

Now that the product has been released to the UK, the first country outside of the US, Google should continue to optimise the product, which has already seen five hardware updates and twelve software updates in its short history.

Adrian Mursec, the head of development at theEword said: "High as the price is right now, we can see Google wants to find early adopters, who could be developers or affluent enthusiasts. Their enthusiasm and work with the device should mean that Glass will improve over time."