Google Glass enters open beta

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Google Glass moves to open beta

Google has announced in a blog that its highly anticipated device Google Glass has entered an open beta, being available to purchase for all US residents.

In the blog post the company explained that it would need more people to use to product to continue testing and development, and welcomed a more open use of the device.

"We've decided to move to a more open beta," said the company as it began to allow sales of the device to any US resident, marking the first time Glass has been available to the public since a one day period in April. It is currently unknown how many units of the device are available to customers.

Would you like a Glass?

Side mounted, box shaped and rather conspicuous, there are concerns that Google Glass may as a product be too awkward for adoption by a society so conscious about its image. Some reports predict the device may share the same future as the Bluetooth headset.

The device has also prompted safety and privacy concerns. Legislators in jurisdictions of the US have called for limitations and restrictions on the use of Google Glass.

On the other hand the device is clearly met with an eager and demanding public: interest in the device is at an all time high and the page for the device on Google+ has over one hundred million views.

In other reports, experts predict that the uptake of Google Glass will mostly be supported by enterprise, such as doctors who could use the device for reference, while the demand for the device for consumers is largely unpredictable, as with the general demand for wearable technology.

Adrian Mursec, head of development at theEword, said: "Google Glass and wearable technology in general has a lot to live up to, both for businesses and consumers. So when we see the general launch for the device in 2014 we will start to really understand what impact these devices will have."