Google clears out redundant products

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An autumnal spring clean

Google has announced that it will be discontinuing its products and services that are outdated and widely unused.

During the autumnal clear out taking place over the next few months, Google will be shutting down ten of its products. The company is also set to merge its weaker services with others so that they will become features rather than standalone products.

Google Desktop will be one of the products to receive the chop over the next few months. Due to the current shift from land to cloud-based storage, the device has become obsolete as people are now able to enjoy instant access to their data both offline and online. The innovation of apps has also seen the need for downloadable software decline, meaning that the Google Pack is no longer necessary. The majority of the products being written off by Google have already been replaced by newer systems which provide users with a better experience.

Why is Google reviewing its products?

Google is reworking its product list in order to remove older goods which have become obsolete. The constant redevelopment of technology means that there will always be new and fresh products and services, as well as older ones that are no longer needed. The Official Google Blog stated: "It will also mean we can devote more resources to high impact products