Google Chrome starts translating

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Google Chrome goes multi-lingual

Google Chrome users will be offered automatic translations of millions of foreign-language pages, it has been announced.

Following a beta trial throughout March 2010, the technology giant has rolled out a new version of its browser for everybody on the Windows operating system. One of the most striking changes is that Chrome now works with Google Translate whenever a user clicks on a foreign-language site.

As soon as a page is opened featuring text that does not match the preferred language setting, a drop-down button appears at the top of the screen. If selected, Google Chrome then translates the entire website in less than a second. The service can translate 52 languages, including French, Spanish and Mandarin.

Google Chrome introduces privacy changes

Meanwhile, the stable Google Chrome release also introduces new privacy features. Users can now change how cookies, pop-ups, images, JavaScript and plug-ins are handled on a site-by-site basis by clicking Settings in the Option tab on the top-right corner of the browser. It means they can allow cookies for trusted sites visited on a regular basis, while blocking them for others.

The latest Google release comes at an interesting time for browser developers. In terms of global users, Chrome is the third largest browser behind Firefox and Internet Explorer, which is the clear market leader with more than 60 per cent of the sector. However, Microsoft has been forced to offer a browser choice screen to all European users of Internet Explorer as part of a legal agreement with the European Commission in December 2009.

The following Google video shows the Chrome translation service in action: