Google and Citizens Advice to help people stay safe online

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New security advice website

A new website offering advice about online security and privacy has been created by Google and Citizens Advice.

The Good To Know website aims to help people learn how to protect their personal data, increase awareness of online threats and feel safe when browsing - as well as demystifying some of the internet's most common problems and buzzwords.

Industry giant Google and public information service Citizens Advice devised the initiative following research by regulator Ofcom showing that 26 per cent of UK internet users were worried about the security of their personal details online. Meanwhile, 14 per cent were concerned about privacy and 13 per cent were anxious about online fraud.

Helping people feel comfortable online

The website highlights tips such as choosing a strong password, being cautious about emails which request any personal or financial information, checking whether website addresses are authentic, signing out of online services and using two-step verification whenever possible. The latter refers to the option to use a phone or other device to log in, rather than simply details entered online.

Anthony House, policy and communications manager at Google, said: "The long-term success of our business is totally tied up in people feeling comfortable spending more time online, so this is a really important campaign for us.

"Everyone wants to stay safe online, but many people aren't confident that they know how to."

The website features guidelines for dealing with malware such as viruses, spyware and adware; and focuses on popular worries about mobile security, family safety, shopping safety and the security of different types of wi-fi networks. There is also a jargon buster to help people decipher terms such as cookies and IP addresses and explain how they work.

"It is interesting to see Citizens Advice working with Google," said Daniel Nolan, general manager of theEword.

"Citizens Advice is a long-standing authority within UK society and its guidance is sought by people of all ages, so the expansion of its services to internet privacy and safety feels very natural."