Find a job through Google Maps

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Google Maps - the future of recruitment?

JobKaster is a newly launched service which hopes to allow jobseekers to find work through Google Maps. Job listings are displayed on the map service, allowing users to see exactly where the vacancy is located.

While JobKaster is still in beta testing at the moment, feedback from users has been highly favourable so far, with employers also impressed at the ability to locate local candidates quickly, along with their contact details. One early user of the service commented: "You just reinvented the way people find jobs". The service is limited to America at this early stage, but could easily spread worldwide due to the comprehensive coverage offered by Google Maps.

Expansion of Google Maps

Google Maps is already the leading map service on the internet, with the recent attempt from Apple to take its position as market leader suffering from several major flaws, such as ignoring towns completely or putting them in the wrong place. As the coverage of Google Maps grows, so do the potential uses.

During the recent tropical storm which engulfed New York and much of America, Google released a special map which allowed those concerned by the storm to track Hurricane Sandy for free, something which won the company a great deal of praise.

Now, the traditional methods of finding employment could be replaced by JobKaster and the Google Maps service they provide, offering quick and easy information on a wide variety of positions. It is speculated that the system could also be used by people who are travelling or looking to relocate, as they will easily be able to search an area which they may not be familiar with.

Tom Glass, creative director of theEword remarked: "It is always good to see new uses for technology, and with many people looking for work in the current climate, JobKaster could become a vital tool. It will be interesting to see how quickly the service spreads and how many people end up finding employment as a result."