Fast track for Firefox patch

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Firefox 3.6.2 goes live

The Mozilla Foundation has rushed out a new version of Firefox just days after it was criticised by the German government.

Firefox 3.6.2 fixes several stability and security issues in Firefox 3.6, including a critical security flaw identified by researcher Evgeny Legerov of technology firm Intevydis. The flaw enabled hackers to crash the browser and discretely execute code on a user's computer. Firefox 3.6.2 has resolved this vulnerability, while Mozilla has been keen to point out that earlier versions of the browser were never affected.

Mozilla reacts to criticism

The Firefox 3.6.2 update was due to be rolled out on March 30th 2010 but Mozilla fast-tracked the release following a wave of bad publicity. Earlier this week, The Federal Office for Information Security in Germany warned that hackers could exploit the problem to install malicious programs and advised against using Firefox until a patch came out.

It is not the first time that browser security has hit the headlines recently. In January, the German and French governments told users to abandon Internet Explorer when a flaw was exploited during the cyber attacks against Google and other major companies. However, Britain refused to issue Internet Explorer guidelines of its own.

In terms of global users, Internet Explorer remains the most popular browser although second-placed Firefox is gaining ground. Mozilla claims that Firefox 3.6 is a fifth faster than version 3.5 and adds a raft of other features including JavaScript and Awesome Bar improvements.