Facebook is top US website in 2010

By Rachel Hand topicIcon Internet News

US favourites

Facebook was the most searched-for and most visited site by US web users in 2010, according to web analysts Experian Hitwise. For the second year running, the social media site topped the most searched-for list, accounting for 2.11 per cent of all searches; this increased to 3.48 per cent when added to the other three variations on Facebook appearing in the top 10.

For the first time, Google was knocked off the top spot for most-visited site by Facebook, which received 8.93 per cent of all US traffic. Google had 7.19 per cent; however, when combined with all Google properties, including YouTube which came 5th on the list, the figure is closer to ten per cent.

Social media success

Facebook's success this year is verified by comScore, which revealed the site saw a 55 per cent increase in US traffic, and in July the number of global users passed the 500 million mark. In the UK, meanwhile, 2010 was the year social media overtook search engines in terms of visits, while Facebook topped the Google Zeitgeist list of most searched-for terms.

Here are the results of the Experian Hitwise study:

Ranking Most Searched Most Visited
1 Facebook www.facebook.com
2 Facebook Login www.google.com
3 YouTube mail.yahoo.com
4 Craigslist www.yahoo.com
5 MySpace www.youtube.com
6 Facebook.com www.msn.com
7 eBay www.myspace.com
8 Yahoo mail.live.com
9 www.facebook.com search.yahoo.com
10 Mapquest www.bing.com