Facebook blocks new apps from social graph

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Facebook 'unfriends' new apps

Facebook has denied new apps access to its social graph, in an attempt to prevent competing social networks from taking its value and users.

Last week, it denied voice-messaging app Voxer access to its Find Friends data, citing that it was a competing messaging platform. Today, Facebook has also blocked Twitter's Vine and Yandex social search app Wonder from exporting social graph data.

This move from Facebook prevents any app users from exporting their Facebook friend lists. This function can be valuable to the success and retention rate of new apps, as it allows users to instantly fill their feed with content from contacts rather than slowly and manually adding to an app.

Won't Find Friends

In its Platform Policy, Facebook says: "Competing social networks: (a) You may not use Facebook Platform to export user data into a competing social network without our permission."

However, Yandex attempted to dissuade Facebook from taking action against their app, releasing a statement that said: "We note that Yandex is not in violation of Facebook Platform Policies providing for restriction to use data obtained from Facebook in a search engine or directory for the reason that Wonder is not a search engine or a directory."

This recent denial comes after Facebook blocked Twitter from accessing its Friends List in 2010, and got into a spat with Google as Facebook didn't allow data exportation.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword, said: "While Facebook doesn't want to provide competitors with access to its social graph, it should be careful not to dissuade developers from building apps that require Facebook data."