Do A Barrel Roll leaves searchers in a spin

Google does a barrel roll

A new Easter egg has been discovered on Google, which causes the screen to rotate 360 degrees.

When a user types 'Do A Barrel Roll' into the search box on the Google homepage, the whole screen will spin all the way around - doing a barrel roll, it seems. The meme is a tribute to cult Nintendo 64 game Star Fox, where players would be instructed to make their jet 'do a barrel roll' in mid-air. The button command to initiate a barrel roll - 'z or r twice' - also triggers the 360 degrees spinning of the search screen.

The trick may have been coded in for a long time, but seems to have been first noticed by a Reddit user yesterday. Within hours, Do A Barrel Roll was a trending topic on Twitter. At the time of writing, it is the most-searched term in Google Trends. The search engine has not commented on the phenomenon.

Google Easter eggs

This is not the first time the developers at Google have had a bit of fun with the search engine; Do A Barrel Roll is the latest in a long line of tricks left for users to discover. If you want to see more, here are the top eight things to type into the Google search box:

  1. Anagram
  2. Answer to life, the universe and everything
  3. Tilt
  4. Ascii Art
  5. The loneliest number
  6. Elgoog
  7. Where is Chuck Norris? (then click I'm Feeling Lucky)
  8. Google Gravity (then I'm Feeling Lucky) - This one wasn't created by Google, but it's well worth a try

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword, said: "Easter eggs like Do A Barrel Roll, April Fool's hoaxes and interactive Google Doodles such as the Pacman one earlier this year are a great idea. For starters, they help to give a huge company like Google a bit of personality, and secondly, it means the search engine is being spoken about. I'm sure there are plenty more in there just waiting to be discovered!"