Apple to launch new Mac OS X Lion today

By Rachel Hand topicIcon Internet News

Lion OS enters app store

Apple has confirmed that the new Mac OS X Lion is set to launch today.

First unveiled at the Apple WWDC in June 2011, Lion is the first Mac software update to be available exclusively as a download instead of on disk. The OS is said to be inspired by the iPad, and includes features such as the LaunchPad, multi-touch gestures and a wireless file transfer system. Users with a compatible Mac can download Lion from the app store for £20.99.

The launch was confirmed during Apple's earnings call by Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer. The event, attended by shareholders, analysts and press, also saw the company reveal record profits and sales.

Sales surge

In what CEO Steve Jobs called "our best quarter ever", year-on-year profits soared by 124 per cent to $7.31 billion (£4.5 billion). This is due to over 20.34 million iPhones being sold, in addition to 9.25 million iPads. Following the announcement, Apple's shares are now at a record high of $400 (£248).

During the announcement, Oppenheimer alluded to "future product transition" in September. The release of iOS5, which many believe signals the development of an iPhone 5, is confirmed for autumn 2011. Tom Glass, theEword's creative director and iPhone owner, said: "When the iPhone 5 is finally launched there is bound to be huge demand and the now customary round-the-block queues. Coupled with the growing popularity of the iPad, it looks like there's no stopping Apple, and nobody will be surprised if they announce record profits yet again next year."