Android devices to top one billion sales

By Danielle Middleton topicIcon Internet News

A report has revealed that Android is expected to sell over one billion devices in 2014.

The report, by consultancy firm Gartner, stated that in China sales of Android devices have been consistently high throughout 2013, and forecast a significant increase for this year's figures. However, the search giant will not be benefiting from these sales as its services have been stripped from Android devices in the region.

Research director of Gartner's Global Forecasting team, Ranjit Atwal said: "Android has the volume even if you can say Apple still has the value." Although android apps are now available through Google Gartner has speculated as to how Android will leverage its huge number of users.

The consultancy's report forecasts that on 360 million Android devices sold in 2014, Microsoft's operating system will be favoured over Google's own. This is a 10 per cent increase compared to 2013 for Microsoft, with a 28 per cent rise for Apple's iOS and Mac OS systems, which are expected to be installed on 344 million devices.

According to the firm, sales for for Android devices will have increased by 26 per cent compared to 2013, with an expected 1.1 billion devices to be sold including tablets, smart phones and watches.

Boost in shipments for Android

Gartner revealed that Android could see a 53 per cent rise in tablet shipments in 2014, largely thanks to users feeling comfortable enough to take to take their tablets out of the home.

Although high end smart phones aren't set to rise and PC sales are expected to stay flat, the company will see an improvement on 2013's figures when PC sales dropped dramatically in comparison to previous years.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword, said: "It will be an interesting year for the likes of Android, Microsoft and Apple. With such a positive forecast laid out for Android, we should expect huge things from their competitors."