Amazon cloud bursting with new music ideas

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Amazon could rival Apple after unveiling a music player service in the US

A new cloud player from Amazon allows people to upload their own songs and play them from a range of devices, mainly mobiles running Google Android.

Amazon research showed consumers had hesitated to buy MP3s at work because the files would be tied to the office. They want it made easier for them to move their music around from different computers and mobile phones.

Amazon answered by giving 5GB of storage space with the option to pay for an MP3 album or a $20 (£12.50) annual fee if they desire more than the approximate 1,200 tracks.

Could we see a similar cloud forming over the UK?

Craig Pape, Amazon's music director, said: "At the end of the day we're trying to delight customers, but we're trying to sell more music too."

The company will also allow people to upload videos and photos and store them on its servers, which can then be accessed by a web browser, making it easier for them to sample their own digital content wherever they are.

What is unclear is whether any UK deal has been reached with major record companies about users uploading their copyright material. It remains technically a breach of copyright law in the UK to copy CDs onto any MP3 player so if the cloud player launched here, Amazon would need to address those issues.