November UK search market share: Bing chips away at Google

November’s UK search market share figures, as provided by StatCounter Global Stats, reveal that Bing took 0.35 per cent of users away from Google during the month.

While Google retains a commanding 88.5 per cent of the market, this is 0.38 per cent down on its October figures, and the majority of those lost users appear to have switched to Bing. The other 0.03 went to Yahoo, representing a small increase for the former search giant to 3.85 per cent of the market.

Google’s mobile share remains high at 93.52 per cent, with Yahoo in second with 4.77 per cent and Bing continuing to struggle with a mere 1.47 per cent.

November Search News

The ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling continues to cause consternation among those receiving negative feedback on Google, and last month a classical pianist in Croatia mounted an ultimately unsuccessful campaign to have a bad review removed from search results.

Google did settle a case with businessman Daniel Hegglin, who complained after he fell victim to online trolling. However, while many mistook this for a victory under ‘right to be forgotten’, the nature of this case made it an entirely separate issue.

In other search news, Disney announced plans to develop a piracy-free search engine, Yahoo made its biggest acquisition this year and Google revealed it will start flagging mobile-friendly sites for users.

November Search Trends

Google Trends data for November reveals that the Black Friday shopping phenomenon was just as prevalent online as it was in stores. While thousands were filmed fighting over discounted items in shops, many elected to pursue their bargains online, with Currys, Tesco, Debenhams, John Lewis, Argos and Amazon all featuring in the top 10 search queries for the month.

History tells us that US celebrity Kim Kardashian certainly knows how to cause a stir online, and she did so again this month by ‘breaking the internet’ with a decidedly risqué photo shoot. This saw her become the second most popular search term overall, as well as dominating image searches.

In the news, popular searches included the Ebola virus, protests in the US city of Ferguson, Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One World Championship triumph and the trailer for the new Star Wars film.

The UK search market share stats for November, as provided by StatCounter Global Stats, are listed below:


UK Search Engine November 2014 share (%) October 2014 share (%) Change
Google 88.5 88.88 -0.38
Bing 6.5 6.15 0.35
Yahoo 3.85 3.82 0.03
Others 1.15 1.15 0