The Best Content Marketing Campaigns from 2015

By Ashleigh Harman topicIcon Content Marketing, Digital Marketing

To celebrate another fantastic year in the digital industry, we've chosen three of 2015's best examples of content marketing.

1. Humans' amazing multichannel marketing campaign

The marketing team at Channel 4 put together a fantastic multichannel digital campaign which played with the boundaries of reality within their brand new drama Humans.

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They set up a microsite as well as a Twitter and Facebook feed promoting 'Persona Synthetics' – the (fictional) company that sells Synths (robots) in the show.  The Channel 4 team then went one step further and created a gripping TV advert promoting Persona’s services, which was aired during prime-time slots and was then available to watch online.

In the final weeks in the run up to the show, a Persona Synthetics eBay seller page appeared, offering users the chance to bid on the first release of Synths.

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Why did it work?

Instead of focusing on one marketing channel they seamlessly used digital to draw together an experience that targeted a range of users across different networks. The campaign engaged viewers and allowed them to buy into the story that was playing out in front of them, suspending their disbelief and drawing them into the world the programme takes place in.

The social pages received over 14,000 followers and coverage of the story made national publications. The first episode attracted 6.1 million viewers – the biggest audience for an original drama in twenty years.

2. Domino’s pizza delivery emoji social campaign

2015 saw the Oxford English Dictionary announce the first ever emoji as its word of the year and it’s no surprise, as these emoticons have become vital in the way we communicate with each other in our day-to-day life.

This year Domino’s proved the importance of emojis to the future of marketing by introducing their new ‘tweet-a-pizza’ campaign.

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To speed up the pizza-ordering process, Domino’s introduced a new functionality which allowed customers with an existing account to simply tweet the Domino’s Twitter handle with a pizza emoji to order a delivery of their favourite pizza.

The news of this innovative ordering system went viral on Twitter, and even encouraged other brands to get involved in the emoji conversation.

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Why did it work?

Domino’s tapped into users' frustrations at clunky online ordering systems, by allowing them a one-click service to get their favourite pizza delivered to their door. Not only was it easier for the customer to order, but it also worked out as free advertising for the Domino’s brand.

Instead of asking customers to share their order on social, they made social the ordering system. Voila: quick pizza and free marketing – genius!

3. National Geographic #WanderlustContest

This year has seen Instagram become a much more accessible platform for brands. Whether it’s paid ads or fantastic competitions and campaigns, brands have relied on the social network to spread the word and none have done it better than National Geographic with their #WanderlustContest hashtag.

The competition required entrants to tag their own images of ‘unforgettable people, amazing sights, and life-changing experiences from their travels around the world’, in order to win an amazing trip to Yosemite National Park accompanied by a professional photographer.

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National Geographic advertised the contest across their different media outlets and created a hub onsite which pulled in all entries under the specified hashtag. Then all they had to do was wait as the entries flooded in. The result was a page full of stunning imagery, all curated by their fans and followers.

Why did it work?

National Geographic’s success lies in the aspirational nature of their product. They host several photography competitions throughout the year, but this one differed as it took place on a platform that is available to anyone with a smartphone. It made the competition achievable and allowed plenty of ego-stroking for applicants.

2015 has been a fantastic year for content marketing, and here at theEword we are even more excited to see what 2016 holds for the industry. If you'd like to find out how we can help with your business with content marketing, get in touch today.
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