Web design processes brought closer with Adobe

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Web application software rejuvenated

Adobe is previewing rich internet application (RIA) tools in an effort to simplify web design processes for developers.

The design software company has launched betas of the programmes Adobe Flash Builder 4, Adobe Flex 4 and Adobe Flash Catalyst.

Adobe Flash Builder, formerly known as Adobe Flex Builder, has been rebranded by the software company to avoid confusion with the Adobe Flex range.

Despite the similarity of its previous title, Adobe Flash Builder has very different functions to the Abode Flex software.

Flash Builder uses Flash to build applications. Adobe Flex is free software which enables developers to construct applications for online Flash players or Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), while allowing creation of RIA on desktops.

Adobe group marketing manager David Gruber said the company is being as transparent as possible: "We're up-levelling the Flash brand... and trying to get this out in front of people early so they can see what we're doing."

Adobe Catalyst caters to web design

While the Flash Builder software is built with the developer audience in mind, Adobe Catalyst provides designers with the capabilities to create a working application without having to program code.

Tim Buntel, a senior product manager at Adobe, said Catalyst will make the process of transferring static designs into web applications easier.

Flash Builder 4 is expected be officially released by the end of 2009. There are no scheduled launch dates for Flex 4 or Flash Catalyst.