Twitter to launch a new version of its site

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A new version of Twitter

Twitter is set to roll out a new version of its site - named Fly Twitter - to its users over the next few months.

Twitter has announced that it will be launching a new website, making changes to its apps for iOS and Android as well as TweetDeck. Fly Twitter will be designed to provide users with better functionality while also ensuring that the interface is attractive to new and prospective members.

The Twitter site will be undergoing a number of changes. There will be a new brand interface complete with larger header images which enable advertisers to display a logo and tagline. The Twitter brand pages will also allow users to place particular tweets at the top of their timeline and separate @replies and mentions.

The personal Twitter interface is also getting a redesign with the addition of new tabs. Home will contain embedded photos and videos within tweets while Discover will display trending topics and hashtags based on your profile. The Me section will now be even larger with additional recorded activity.

The Fly Twitter homepage states that the new site is a "faster, simpler way to stay close to everything you care about." With profiles, embedded media and brand pages, it seems that Twitter is paying particular attention to social interaction and marketing the site as a way to communicate with other Twitter users.

The evolution of Twitter

Twitter is continually expanding its concept of the 140-character tweet. Along with its original real-time feeds, Twitter seems to be concentrating on communication for both advertising and social purposes. In the past it has added video and photo sharing tools, photo galleries and an Activity Feed, all of which provide Twitter users with an advanced ability to share and interact with followers.

Mark Baker, online marketing manager at theEword, stated that: "The gradual shift in how Twitter is being designed and marketed shows how this social network is increasingly focusing on advertising."