iPad 3 features revealed

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iPad 3 unveiled

Apple has unveiled the third-generation of the iPad.

Tim Cook, who is Steve Job's successor as Apple CEO, confirmed the existence of the much-rumoured tablet at an event in San Francisco, California last night. Confusingly, the company has chosen to call the device 'the new iPad' rather than 'iPad 3' as widely expected.

The standout feature of the iPad 3 is its Retina display, which has 3.1 million pixels - four times as many as the iPad 2. To put this into context, Apple claims that the human eye is unable to spot individual pixels on this tablet when it is held at a normal distance, making for an exceptionally sharp viewing experience. The new iPad is also able to play movies at full 1080p HD-resolution.

Elsewhere, the iPad 3 incorporates a new A5X chip that provides double the graphics performance of the A5 chip used on the iPad 2. It will also feature a 5 megapixel camera and the newly announced iOS 5.1 operating system.

iPad 3 UK prices

The iPad 3 will be available in the UK on Friday, 16 March in 6 versions (prices include VAT):

  • Wi-Fi 16GB - £399
  • Wi-Fi 32GB - £479
  • Wi-Fi 64GB - £559
  • Wi-Fi+4G 16GB - £499
  • Wi-Fi+4G 32GB - £579
  • Wi-Fi+4G 64GB - £659

Early response to the iPad 3 has been broadly positive. Engadget's managing editor Darren Murph, said it was 'oozing quality' while TechCrunch columnist MG Siegler was impressed by the screen resolution, saying 'you'll never be able to use a non-Retina iPad again'. Meanwhile, Cnet's senior editor of tablets Donald Bell was impressed but felt Apple could have gone further still by improving features like the processor and camera.

Tom Glass, creative director at theEword, commented: "The iPad 3 looks like an exceptionally well-designed device. I do wonder why they're not offering a 3G version when a UK 4G network won't launch in the UK till next year at the earliest, but this is a minor quibble. I've no doubt it will sell in record numbers and ensure Apple continues to dominate the tablet arena."