Importance of tailoring online video discussed

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Online video 'must fit the medium'

Advertisers have been reminded about the importance of designing video content that is suitable for online viewing.

In a blog posting for the Internet Advertising Bureau, industry expert Amy Kean pointed out that even celebrities are realising the internet's pivotal role in providing access to entertainment.

To illustrate her point, she referenced a recent Newsweek interview by musician Lady Gaga.

"I often argue with my lighting designer on the show," she said. "As much as I like to light the show for the room, it's important to light the show and design the sound for YouTube."

Ms Kean went on to state that advertisers must tailor content for the medium and device used by the consumer, as well as their frame of mind.

Online video designers 'should consider small screens'

Since videos are often played on small screens online, for instance, designing videos that transmit the message effectively under these circumstances should be an "important creative consideration".

However, she noted that many advertisers still present online content in the same format as traditional media even when this is clearly inappropriate.

Last month, Google announced that the YouTube Partnership Program was to be extended in what could prove to be a significant milestone for the development of online video advertising.

Under the plans, the world's most popular video website will encourage posters of successful one-off virals to set up AdSense accounts.

Online ads will then be incorporated into the clips and a share of the revenue generated will be paid directly into these accounts.