Google redesigns its navigation bar and logo

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Google navigation bar redesign

Google has announced that it will be introducing a brand new logo and navigation bar across its websites just three days after Bing unveiled its new look.

The present black navigation bar found across the top of the screen is due to be replaced by a new grid in the top right hand corner. All Google services such as Youtube, Gmail and Maps will be included in the app launcher, rather than running across the top of the screen.

The new grid apps menu will be in a similar design to the apps menu available on Android devices and Chromebooks, creating a sense of continuity across all Google products. In the Google Inside Search blog post announcing the update, Google Tech Lead and Manager Eddie Kessler said: "Regardless of your routine, getting around Google should be seamless, and once you're inside an app, you don't want any distractions."

While the newly designed navigation bar does require one additional click in order to reach a number of the services, it is likely to make a Google experience simpler as you move between products and devices.

Refined Google logo

Google has also looked at its logo as part of the update. The colour palette and letter shapes have been refined, with the logo itself appearing flatter. Both the redesigned Google navigation bar and logo are set to be rolled out across the majority of its products over the next couple of weeks.

Adrian Mursec, senior developer at theEword, has said: "Google has been testing this update since February, with many also spotting the new flat logo a few weeks ago. The new menu sitting next to Share is by far the biggest change for users, so it will be interesting to see how they react to it over the coming weeks."