Google Maps unveils Place Pages

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Place Pages added to Google Maps

Google has unveiled a major design update that it hopes will become a one-stop portal for browsers seeking localised information.

Place Pages, the latest addition to Google Maps, aims to coordinate Google's information on cities, businesses, neighbourhoods, landmarks and attractions across the globe on user-friendly pages. The new city pages draw together area maps, Google Street View previews, sponsored links, pictures, videos, major businesses, sights and reviews. Meanwhile, individual sights for tourists add contact details, admission fees, wheelchair accessibility information and transport links.

Place Pages explained

The Place Pages can be accessed by entering a site in Google Maps and clicking on the 'more information' link on the sidebar or in the information bubble that accompanies the map. Google is encouraging users to update the pages with, for instance, business owners editing their listings through Local Business Centre.

Lior Ron, senior product manager at Google's Place Page team, explained the inspiration behind the Google Maps revamp. "What I always wanted to do is be able to get a clear understanding of what a place is all about," he said. "Instead of doing the research all over the web, wouldn't it be great to see all the information about one place place? Starting today, you can."

Earlier this month, Google formally launched another application that has the potential to revolutionise the design industry. The DoubleClick Ad Exchange seeks to bring the Google AdWord's keyword auction system to the display advertising sector, which could lead to a spike in demand for well-designed images and videos.