Digital marketing experts given display advice

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Expert offers tips for online advertisements

A digital advertising expert has offered companies a series of tips that could help boost returns from their online marketing campaigns.

Writing in a blog for industry analysts comScore, Jeff Hackett pointed to figures showing that less than ten per cent of advertising budgets is devoted to digital advertising. This is despite the fact that consumers now spend more than 20 per cent of their time using media online.

Mr Hackett claimed that under a quarter of online marketing campaigns reach their destination audience. He added that the industry tendency to measure the success of online marketing campaigns through clicks is proving tough to break, suggesting that this causes advertisers to wrongly base the actions of a large group of people on a much smaller number of web users.

Creative control

Advertisers are also presenting their wares in a largely ineffective manner, Mr Hackett added. He likened clutter advertising on certain websites to TV, suggesting that a screen with four or five adverts running simultaneously would be ridiculous.

Furthermore, the idea that 'less is more' has also escaped online advertisers, according to Hackett. The expert accused the majority of display ads of trying to cram in too much information, claiming this to be the reason why "the best creative minds in advertising" have so far stayed away from the medium.

However, Mr Hackett concluded that the industry is moving in the right direction. He said: "By focusing on effective strategy, creative, execution and evaluation, we are ready for digital advertising to fulfil its original promise. As we better demonstrate the value of digital campaigns, we can combat commoditisation and boost demand, resulting in an increase in CPMs and a greater share of the overall advertising pie."