BBC News gets makeover

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BBC News given web 2.0 twist

The BBC is planning a radical website redesign in response to the explosive rise of social media, it has been revealed.

Anthony Rose, the BBC's controller of vision and online, told MediaGuardian that the rising popularity of web 2.0 tools would have a major influence on the revamped BBC News portal. A new homepage and hosting platform is in the works, while researchers are currently looking into the next generation of social media to help the BBC remain relevant in the future.

A related development aims to encourage reader participation on the new website, which unnamed sources say will launch by March 2010. Mr Rose explained: "The plan [is] to enable users to comment on particular moments while watching and see what other users said about the same moment or simply rate moments with 'boo', 'good' or 'gosh'."

Embeddable content on the new iPlayer

And Mr Rose gave details of a proposed redesign of the corporation's flagship media player. Under the plans, BBC content on the iPlayer will be opened up, allowing it to be embedded on third-party sites such as MySpace for the first time. However, he dismissed media reports that a special version of the iPlayer was being planned for Facebook.

Many companies are currently redesigning their online presence to take into account social media considerations. For example, applications such as Add This can be placed at the bottom of linkbaiting news articles on a website, enabling users to rapidly share content on web 2.0 tools such as Digg, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.