Apple and Samsung unhappy with trial

By James Riches topicIcon Design

Trial outcome fails to please

Neither Apple nor Samsung was satisfied with the outcome of their US patent trial, with both demanding more from the proceedings.

In Apple's case, it would like to see a higher payout for what it says is a blow to the iPhone's "distinctive product identity".

In August, a jury awarded them over $1 billion (£664 million) after finding that Samsung did infringe its software and design patents. Now, Apple is asking for a further $707 million (£426 million) from the central trial of what has become a global legal battle.

Meanwhile, Samsung has said that the time constraints imposed at that trial left it unable to counter every accusation put forward by Apple. It is asking for a brand new trial with more opportunities to respond.

Each side was given 25 hours to put forward its arguments and cross examine witnesses, but Samsung is adamant that more time was necessary.

No resolution in sight

Some had predicted that the US outcome would mark a watershed moment in this seemingly never ending patent war, but this has not been the case.

Just a week after the verdict, a Tokyo court ruled in favour of Samsung, finding that it had not infringed Apple's patents. The South Korean company has also found success in the UK, where the judge was adamant that there was still a clear difference between the company's products.

This has encouraged Samsung to believe it can prove their products do not copy those of its great rival.

Tom Glass, creative director at theEword, said: "It seems every day there is another twist in this case, but the stance both companies have taken is hardly surprising. It has become impossible to predict when we can expect to see an end to this saga."