Google introduces in-depth search results

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A new feature included within Google search results is set to assist those users looking for a conclusive summary of information, with the addition of an 'in-depth articles' section.

This is designed to highlight the search results which are more than just a quick answer to your query, containing a significant amount of knowledge and informative details on the issue in question.

Pandu Nayak, a member of Google's technical staff, announced that these articles would not be limited to well known sources, commenting: "I'm happy to see people continue to invest in thoughtful in-depth content that will remain relevant for months or even years after publication. This is exactly what you'll find in the new feature. In addition to well-known publishers, you'll also find some great articles from lesser-known publications and blogs."

Building blocks of knowledge

This feature is limited to results in English for the moment, but will be expanded to additional services in the coming months. Examples given by Google in their official blog post showed the extremely varied nature of the topics which would contain in-depth articles.

From Salman Rushdie commenting on censorship to an artistic evaluation of Lego, Google is clearly looking to allow users to become immersed in a full range of subjects. With these in-depth articles to be featured on the front page of search results, it seems that Google is once again promoting the importance of high-quality content for webmasters.

Rachel Hand, head of content at theEword, commented: "Many of Google's updates from the past year have demonstrated how increasingly vital the importance of top quality content can be to a website, with this new feature from Google confirming it further still. This new element will not only be of a benefit to users, but also to webmasters who are striving to provide visitors with the best content possible".