Customers are key to keyword research

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A new approach to keyword research

Commercial copywriting experts may be interested to hear that an SEO expert has proposed a novel way of conducting keyword research.

Rob Ousbey, of SEOMoz, said that internet advertisers would do well to listen to the actual words used by their customers and prospective customers. He explained that many consumers use 'keyphrases' rather than competitive generics and industry jargon when making purchasing decision, so commercial copywriting professionals should adapt their content accordingly.

National Express SEO strategy

As an example, he suggested that that the website of National Express should not be optimised exclusively for phrases such as 'coach trip from Bath to Newcastle'. Mr Ousbey suggested that a conversation with National Express travel agents would reveal that customers actually used keyphrases like "overnight journey to Newcastle" or "cheap way to get up north" before deciding to make a booking. Therefore, he reasoned that content optimised for these terms may enjoy higher conversion rates.

Mr Ousbey concluded: "It's been said many times that a significant part of sales and/or marketing is to solve each customer's problem. This is just another way of getting you close to that goal, and bring you new business at the same time."

In related news, Frank Findley, vice president of research at marketing specialist ARSgroup, gave four tips on how to improve online ads recently. They were:

  1. Quantifying benefits
  2. Delivering complex messages through multiple online ads
  3. Engaging consumers emotionally and rationally
  4. Linking brand to ad creative