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It’s well known – and proven – fact that developing a presence on social media is essential if your business is to flourish. Gone are the days of a Facebook post here and a tweet there for the sake of it; rather it’s more about clever engagement and building relationships with key contacts.

Property is a sector which particularly benefits from an active social media profile – with an abundance of development updates to shout about and a large network of collaborating businesses to interact with, the opportunities are endless.

In our Ultimate Guide To Property Marketing, we’ve put together our top tips for social success in the world of property – take a look at the below and tick off what you may already be doing and, more importantly, what you need to step up.


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Get creative

It may seem like the most obvious piece of advice, but being fun and friendly, yet informative, is a sure-fire way to attract followers and build loyalty among would-be clients. However, it’s important to understand that each platform has a different audience and, therefore, tone of voice:

Facebook – share PR news stories and images of your developments, from planning permission being granted, right through to topping out ceremonies and first residents. Encourage people to share their snaps of the site before you started work and any memories they have if it’s a particularly historic place. 

Twitter – build lists of relevant journalists, across both trade and consumer media, who would be interested in news about your developments.

Pinterest – create boards that show off the real ‘wow’ factor. Think about the best categories for boards; for example, you could include time lapse videos on there, ideas for interiors and shots of the surrounding area.

Instagram – show off aspirational lifestyle shots to encourage people to imagine themselves living in one of your properties. Research popular hashtags and ensure you’re using them to the best of their ability

LinkedIn – stick to corporate updates and any CSR news that may be associated with a project.

For a more detailed guide on how to get the most from each platform, check out our article Social Media Marketing: which channel is best for your business.

Keep up with the chat

Getting involved with existing conversation is just as important as creating it, so make sure you’re monitoring what’s being talked about and that you’re reacting to relevant chat as quickly as possible. It goes without saying that you should listen for mentions of your company name, but also keep an eye out for industry-specific topics and what your competitors are saying.

Be sociable

While retweeting your competitors and engaging in conversation may not seem like a method to overtake them, it can in fact open up doors to new followers and prospects, as it helps to build trust and authenticity…not to mention the odd bit of light-hearted banter!

Court new audiences

Do some digging into businesses and individuals with large followings and start to build relationships with them. Following mainstream media outlets is a good starting point, but taking it one step further by following relevant journalists, industry experts and influencers will stand you in good stead to be part of their ‘inner circles’.

Sell smart

Ensure that you ‘sell’ via social media sparingly as over-selling will turn followers off and encourage them to stop listening. Instead, create interesting content that will grab people’s attention and requires social media to push it out there 

However you choose to build your social media strategy for your property developments, spend time researching your audiences and looking at what your competitors are doing, to ensure that you pave the way for social success in the industry!

Now you’ve got your social media strategy in place, it’s time to think about using SEO and PPC to market your property, or better still, follow the link below to download our Ultimate Guide

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